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“Kahramana” is a story of one thousand and one nights. Kahramana is a smart and courageous girl whose father owned a motel in Baghdad, and he also had a trailer that contained pottery jars filled with oil. Every morning he headed to the market to sell them. During a cold winter night, 40 thieves snuck into Baghdad to steal its valuables. Kahramana suspected sounds outside the motel, <illed with suspicion, she went to check on her father's trailer. Her suspicions came true when she saw the thieves hiding in the empty pottery jars to avoid being caught by the police. She got an idea to pour oil into the empty pottery jars to force the thieves out of the jars. The thieves got out of the jars screaming with fear, which helped the police locate and arrest all 40 thieves. Later she was awarded for her heroic act that saved the people of Baghdad. Soon after the one thousand and one nights story, Kahramana became a symbol of heroism in Iraq, which led to the creation of a fountain in the streets of Baghdad, illustrating her pouring the oil into the 40 pottery jars.

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