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Employee Packet

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-Halal Meat: *Only Applies to Beef and Chicken*

Halal meat is slaughtered differently from conventional meat. Once killed, the animal's blood must drain completely since Muslims who eat Halal do not consume the fresh blood of animals.

-Masgouf: A Mesopotamian dish consisting of seasoned, Freshwater Grass carp Smoked on firewood; it is often considered the national dish of Iraq.

-Offer your guest a tour to view the Masgouf display if they are interested in ordering it.

- Iraqi Kabab vs. Other Kababs: Iraqi Kabab is ground beef/chicken, while other Mediterranean Kababs are beef/chicken pieces (Known to us as Tikka)

-Types of Beef We Use: Fresh Halal Choice Brisket and Chuck-roll, Prime Ribeye, Kobe Wagyu filet mignon.

-Types of Chicken We Use: Fresh Halal Freerange Chicken.

-Types of Lamb We Use: Frozen Halal Australian Lamb.

-Types of Fish We Use: Never Frozen Freshwater Grass Carp Fish.

-Vegetables and Fruits are not Organic

-We do not serve alcohol. If asked, offer our mocktail selection or our 0% alcohol Beer.

-On Friday and Saturday we are open from 12 pm - 2 am. Closed on Mondays.

-During banquet reservations, we service alcohol brought by the guests.

-When the wagyu is served, the server must present the wagyu certificate to the table and explain to them what Kobe wagyu is.

(Click Here to Learn About Kobe Wagyu)

-Tea is free for all diners that order entrees.

-Khoboz is served complimentary for diners (The same concept of chips at a Mexican Restaurant)

-Straws are provided upon request

-Face masks are optional for the front of the house. However, required for the food handling staff (Kitchen, Runners, Dessert department.)

-Silverware must be handled with a napkin

-VIP Lounge is closed during the soft opening.

-VIP Lounge Pricing: $1,500 for a party up to 10, $3,000 for a party 11-20, and $4,500 for a party of 21-30.

-Servers are responsible for running the soft drinks orders.

-Runners are responsible for covering the Expo when not present.

-Hookah runners, Food Runners, and Desserts runners must introduce the item's name when presenting it to the guest.

-When asked for the bill, walk to the servers' station, print the table receipt using your handheld POS, place it in the receipt box, take it to the table, and allow them a few minutes to ready their payment.

Card payment is taken at the table. However, if the guest is paying in partial or full cash payment, the server must take the payment to the cash drawer located at the servers' station, tender the amount, print the receipt, then return it to the table.

-Tattoos must be completely covered. If tattoos are on areas that are not covered by a clothing item, you must use a waterproof concealer to cover them.



Shirts Quotes

إدَلٌَل                      (Servers)                                  AnyTime my dear 


بِالعٌَافية               (Runners/Bussers)                    Bon Appetit

چاي                  (Desserts department)              Cardamom Tea



گلبي                   (Hookah Department)              Fire Baby Fire!



  • Black Bowtie

  • White Button-up Shirt (Provided)

  • Black Slacks

  • Black Skirt (No shorter than 4" from knees)

  • Non-Slip black shoes/Heels




  • White Button-up Shirt (Provided)

  • Black Dress Pants 

  • Black Apron (Provided)

  • Non-Slip black shoes 




  • (Ladies) Black Dress

  • (Men) Black vest with a white button-up shirt

  • Black Slacks

  • Black shoes/heels/boots




  • White chef coat 

  • Black chef pants

  • Black non-slip shoes 

  • Black Apron (Provided) -Dishwashers-



Hookah Department 

  • Burgundy button-up shirt (Provided)

  • Black jeans/dickies/Slacks

  • Black non-slip shoes




Dessert Department 

  • Polo shirt (Provided)

  • Black jeans/dickies

  • Black non-slip shoes


At the Table:

My name is (Name) I will be taking care of you today/tonight, Happy (Occasion *If there is one*)

Here is our menu (Point at the placemat QR code)

Can I get you started with anything to drink?

On the Phone:

Thank you for calling Kahramana Restaurant my name is (Name), how may I help you today/tonight?

(If asked how are you?

always respond back with a thank you and how are you?)


Acquire your San Bernardino Food Handlers Card:

(Click here)

Learn More about Toast POS:

1. Schedule a Live Training (Click Here)

2. Take Quiz (Click Here) *Screenshot results for proof*

3. Learn how to add items to your fellow server's table

Learn More about Open Table:

1. Take OpenTable online Course (Click Here)

2. Take Quiz (Click Here) *Screenshot results for proof*

Practice Table Setup:

1. Napkin Fan Fold (Watch Demonstration)

2. Placemat, Silverware, and plate layout

Learn More About the Restaurant:

1. Get Familiar with the 3 Menus

2. Memorize the Kahramana Story

3. Memorize Table Layout

Hookah Department Must Learn the Following Table Side Show:

(Watch Video)


Dining Area


Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 9.26.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 9.26.49 PM.png

Dessert Bar

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